Marilyn Monroe interior design ideas for lovers

Marilyn Monroe steel remains in our memories as the most famous celebrity from the 1950s. Although she died at the age of 36 years old, she is steel mentioned as one of the most beautiful woman in the world, being a real model for us, the 3rd millennium women. She was an American actress, singer, model and showgirl who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s. After the years and decades following her death, Monroe has often been cited as both a pop and a cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol. Although most of us prefer to keep her in our memories, you will be amazed to find out that there are some people that use her pictures as decorations to remind about her greatness and also to evoke the 1950’s era.

Modern Vintage Luxury Interior Design.

Moscow-based interior decorators Geometrix have designed this amazing black and white apartment from Moscow, Russia. This amazing contemporary dwelling is emphasized by the elegant details, modern decorations and appliances, but also by the unique Marilyn Monroe wall prints that help us remember about mid-20th century. The dining room is a combination of elegant furniture and finishes.

A metallic glass and steel table is emphasized by the Marilyn Monroe’s picture placed on a black background with elegant decorations. I know that many of you would think that’s a little too much, but let me disagree with you. The house and especially the living room seems to be the perfect place for a modern family who wants to relax in one of those fancy pieces furniture and enjoy a movie played at the highest video quality and sound devices.

The bedrooms have the same decorating theme; big and comfortable beds are surrounded by shiny and modern furniture and futuristic lighting objects which simply emphasize the whole room with interesting walls and ceilings. Everything in this house is glamorous, every corner is carefully decorated with the most beautiful objects and appliances that create an intimate atmosphere for those who appreciate the real sense of fashion and good taste.{found on geometrix}.

Marilyn Monroe bedroom themed from Los Gatos residence.

This beautiful bedroom designed by Lizette Marie Interior Design and located in San Francisco is full of color and personality. After decorations and personal things, I’m assuming it is a teenager’s room who loves to share personal thoughts and memories with those who came into this room.I’m saying  that because I used to do the same thing when I was younger. The room doesn’t respect a certain decorating pattern, instead it is filled with objects that make the inhabitant happy and comfortable to spend time there.

A wooden bed is placed in the middle of the room, having an upholstered headboard which matches perfectly the wooden nightstands and lamps. The celebrity featured in this room is in that minimalist painting placed on the turquoise wall featuring the 1950’s movie star and singer Marilyn Monroe who seems to be a role model for the person who lives there and personalizes the chamber in its own style. On the ceilings we can see a handmade lamp with various posts that seem important for the person who also glued on the wall pictures with beautiful memories and important things.

White and pink bedroom, contemporary bedroom, Miami with an accent Marilyn Monroe frame.

I simply love this bedroom designed by Millennium Cabinetry. Located in Miami, this bedroom is the kind of room every woman would love to live in, because it is defined by elegance and refinement. It is surrounded by white surfaces and finishes, creating a clean and relaxing space. Thanks to its unique design, we can see a room filled with minimalist white furniture on stained concrete floors that emphasizes the big painting from the wall in pink tones.

I wondered for a second why designer picked this kind of painting, this color and this person. It’s simple. The picture is created in a minimalist style as the rest of the room, and the pink color highlights the inhabitant’s feminine personality. Marilyn Monroe is a role model for many of the ladies in the world thanks to its beauty and  the success she had in her career at the time when women were still subordinate to men. So, she is the perfect person who could motivate a woman to take care of herself and focus on her success in life.

Traditional bedroom with a small Marilyn Monroe frame.

This is the kind of room perfect for a peaceful person who wants to spend time quietly, enjoying the natural light and comfortable furniture. Some would say it is a room decorated in an eclectic style because of the materials and finishes that combined wouldn’t match another decorative style. So, we can see a bright room with white walls and mostly white furniture.

The bed is covered with colorful beddings from different textures that match the carpets from the floors. A white glass and steel coffee table serves as a nightstand in this room, and it has a modern decorative lamp on it. The chamber has a feminine touch thanks to those flowers from the table and also because on the wall there is a Marilyn Monroe pink painting. It points the fact that there lives a woman that cares about her and wants to emphasize its feminine sight.{found on polka site}.

French Country Bathroom by KellyBaron.

This amazing bathroom is part of a French Country Estate located in Los Angeles. Designed by KellyBaron, this is the perfect room for relaxing and taking care of yourself. Although usually a bathroom is small and private, now we have the opportunity to see one with fine decorations and furniture, just like a living area.

Bathroom’s sanitary objects are almost hidden thanks to all those details and furniture that stands out and make from this room a special one. A big mirror reflects the whole bathroom, making an optical illusion of a bigger space which is decorated with marble and filled with comfortable armchairs and classic wooden furniture. The picture of Marilyn Monroe together with that sophisticate chandelier gives the room a personal touch, creating the right atmosphere for a person who loves taking care of itself.

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