Marias Brandy Glass

Glass manufacturing has long been transmitted from generation to generation by the most skillful glass blowing masters as glasses were in the past a luxurious item. In the meantime glasses are now produced and manufactured at industrial scale by automatic machines, but some of them still require a lot of skill and ability. That is why some areas in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland are still famous for the glassware they produce. This Marias Brandy Glass is hand made in Poland and looks great. As you can see it has a special shape that suggests you it is used for drinking brandy. The special shape f the glass allows the brandy inside to breathe and have the best flavour.

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It has a special design with snowy etchings and icy polish, a smoky outside but also the diamond cut that makes it spark so fine. The glass is special and each is unique. Every such glass sells for €32.00. I think it is worth every penny since very skilled people who inherit this gift from their fathers and grandfather mouth blow every glass and cut their sides in diamond like shapes. Of course this makes them precious and you should better wash the glasses by hand.

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Posted in Kitchen on November 27, 2011

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