Man shaped knife holder

The kitchen is the place where you can find the biggest number of utensils of all kinds, as you need a lot of them when you cook, when you wash the dishes, when you do all the house chores you need to do regularly, every day.  And if you want to have a more personalized home, you can choose some of these tools to have unusual and funny shapes that will bring a personal touch to your kitchen. Let’s take for example the simple knife holder. In the past knives were stored together with the spoons and forks in a special drawer or even in special little suitcases, as in the past rich people used silverware. Well, nowadays we all have knife holders that are usually made of wood , with special cuts for each knife in the set.

The explanation of why people prefer using these knife holders instead of the old drawers is the fact that this way the whole set is placed on the table, rather handy as you always need a knife for something in the kitchen. And one more reason is the fact that this wooden holder is safe because it holds the blades of the knives inside, protected by the thick wood cover and cannot hurt us that easily.

But if you are a funny guy or have a healthy sense of humour and enjoy a piece of dark humour , then you will love this crazy human shaped knife holder I presented in these two pictures. It is called the Voodoo knife holder as a hint to the use of the Voodoo dolls in black magic. Legend says it that when you stab the doll representing your ennemy, they will suffer tremendous pain. The holder is made of metal , is available in more colours (silver, black and red) . It can be creepy if you are a sensitive person, but also funny, depending on the taste. You can buy one such piece for $69.99 on ThinkGeek.

The third picture shows a human silhouette tied up in the middle of a wooden circle, staying there just like those stuntmen from the circus who endanger their lives by challenging one of their team members to throw knives all around them, knives that get deep into the wood around that man. Of course the knife thrower is a very skilled person, but the danger is still real. This is the starting point for the design of this unusual knife holder and the hint is obvious and also the one generating the fun. You can buy it here for $54.61.

Published by in Kitchen, on November 11th, 2010


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