Make Your Room Comfortable in Winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year and may leave you with a huge power bill. It is the time to think about making your room more comfortable by keeping the cold out and heat in. The décor that may be perfect in summer might not be suitable in winter. Rooms need to be made cozier and warmer so that the season can be enjoyed.

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1) The first step in creating a warm atmosphere in your room is to decorate your room with colors. Use bold and bright colored bedcovers, curtains, upholstery, pillows and vases. Incorporate color in each and every element of the room. Hang a colorful painting in the living room to make it lively. By adding potted plants and freshly cut flowers, you can easily add much needed color and light.

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2) Change your bedding in the winter season. The cotton fabric won’t work in winters at all. Instead try jersey knit or brushed cotton as they are warmer. For the winter comforter, cotton flannel would be the best fabric.

3) As you make it a habit to close windows and doors, also close unused room. It will directly help you save energy and money. Moreover, open your windows in the morning for few hours to allow in sunlight and fresh air.

4) No matter what type of flooring you have, add an area rug to your floor. An area rug will not only help you feel warm and comfortable under your feet, but it shall also add texture and color to the room. Use carpets with geometric patterns for contemporary setting and if you like the antique look, go with the Persian carpets to cover the floor area between bedroom furniture.

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5) Due to the cold weather, the cost of heating your room could be expensive. If you do want the warm air to escape under the door, use a door draft stopper. You simply need to place it under the bottom of the door.

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6) Light scented candles in accordance with the décor of the room. Candles will give your room an instant warm feeling. Candles may be placed in individual holders, or you may also place a cluster of them in a bowl or a plate. Chocolate, cinnamon, berry, are some of the wintery warm scents that will make your room feel cozier and also smell good.

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