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With burglary and thefts increasing rapidly, people all across the globe are looking for varied ways to make their home more secure. Burglars are in a constant hunt for easy targets that can be attacked without difficult. No need to worry as there are many security ways to secure your home. These security measures are easy to apply and require very few tools. Let us now see the various ways –

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Door – the first efficient way to make your home more secure is to ensure that the exterior door is solid, sturdy and thick in width.Generally, wooden doors are known to be strong and durable, especially, ones made out of solid timber.

Locksets – Excellent quality locksets not only secure the home against the would-be intruders but also add to beauty of exterior doors.Have the locksets installed on every exterior door, including the garage door.

Deadbolts – deadbolts are an effective as well as an inexpensive way to enhance the security level of the house and supplement the standard lockset installed.

Alarm system – Frankly speaking, alarm systems have very little to offer in terms of the physical obstacles, but have literally lots to offer in terms of the mental obstacles. With an alarm system installed, the chance of the thieves being caught is very large.

Peep hole – add a wide angle peep hole to your exterior door. Make it a habit to peep through the hole before you open the door. Ensure that the peep hole installed provides an all-round coverage of your front door. In addition, if there are kids in the family, do not hesitate to install another peep hole at a lower height.

Shine a light – do not provide the thieves with a dark place to hide. Path lighting, landscape lighting and motion lighting can work together to highlight the areas that you don’t want them to be in the shadow.

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Security cameras – security cameras are an excellent way to keep an eye on the area outside the home such as the yard or the garden.The cameras shall allow you to see if an outside person tries to enter your house.

Super cuts – overgrown shrubs and trees appeal to a burglar as it provides a hiding place. So regularly trim the landscape so that all windows and doors are easily seen from the street. The house becomes a less attractive target if there are no places for the thieves to hide.

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