Make Your Drawer Handles Totally You

Have you ever taken out time to evaluate as in why your cabinets and dressers wear a dull and pale look? If you like the majority of the homeowners believe that since you are unable to buy new ones then you are totally wrong. It is not necessary that you need to buy new furniture pieces or completely remodel them to get the desired look. Through the use of simple enhancements, you can easily impart a new fresh to your furniture. The easiest way to impart a new look is to make your drawer handles look totally different.

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1) Purchase some bright and bold stickers. Mix half portion pva glue with half portion of water. Stick the stickers on the drawer handles. Brush the glue and water solution over the stickers and let them dry. You may also photos or bright cut outs from magazines and newspapers as stickers.

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2) Get some exquisite charms and beads.  Thread these onto a string in an interesting color combination or pattern. Try gold and black, orange with hot pink, ocean blue with white, brown and pink, grey and green, turquoise and purple, yellow and scarlet or any other striking combination. Tie or twine these beads on to the drawer handles for a charming and a fascinating look.

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3) Get a fine, big shell and stick it on the center of the drawer handle for a completely exuberant look. If it is the drawers of your living room that you are working on, then try to get a shell of mother of pearl. Alternatively, you may also stick a big semi precious jewel piece.

4) Cut out a wadding piece in accordance to the size of the handle. Stick it all over the drawer handle and cover it up with a bright fabric.

5) Purchase a packet of polymer clay from the market and prepare the dough according to the manufacturer’s directions. Remove the handle from the cabinet and clean its surface. Roll out a thin sheet of clay and cover it on all sides of the drawer handle. Imprint your preferred designs on the clay. Bake the covered handles according to the manufacturer’s directions. When they are done, stick some acrylic gem stones and re attach the drawer handle to the furniture piece.