Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger In 5 Easy Steps!!

Some of us are blessed with amazing, cozy homes but pulled the short stick when it came to bedroom size. Whether your master bedroom is small or you just want to create more space in the other bedrooms of the house, there are definitely ways to make everyone’s space look and feel bigger. Use some of our tips to revitalize your bedrooms and create a more spacious atmosphere!

1. Natural Light.

It doesn’t matter if your windows are small or if you have multiple, huge windows with amazing views. Using as much natural lighting as possible in your bedroom instantly brightens things up and widens the look and feel of the space.

2. Mirrors.

Yes, it has been said over and over … and over … again, but it’s so true. Using mirrors, whether multiple or a single large one, truly opens up a room. It not only reflects more space but creates naturally lighting. Pair that with any outdoor light from outside and you’ve instantly adding more square feet to your bedroom.

3. Do not use dark colors.

Lately, I’ve seen more and more people using deeper, darker colors to paint their bedrooms with. This is okay if you’ve got a very large bedroom, especially if you just paint one accent wall. But, if you decide to paint you entire, small to medium size bedroom a red, a dark gray, deep green or anything of the like … then you are shrinking the room! Don’t do it! Lighter colors create the illusion of more space.

4. Less is more.

Keep away the clutter. You’d think this is common sense but too many people try to fit too many things in side their bedroom. First, get rid of excess nick-knacks and home accessories. Also, pay attention to the furniture you select. You don’t want to get bigger, bulkier furniture for a small bedroom. Try getting a bed without a headboard or foot board and a small, slimmer chest of drawers to keep as much space in the room as possible.

5. Utilize your walls.

Don’t sit your bed in the center of the room. Don’t caddy corner your dresser or desks. Instead place large pieces of furniture  up against walls to create bigger spaces in the center of the room. This way the room isn’t chopped up and your making the illusion of more foot room.

Take a look at these smaller bedrooms and how they utilize every inch of their space and were smart in choosing their design and decor. All of these bedroom made the illusion of a bigger, more roomed room!

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on July 25th, 2012


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