Make Small Things to Decorate Your Room

All of us want our bedroom to look elegant, peaceful and most importantly unique. Although, this may seem to be very expensive, but there is a myriad of ways to decorate your room cheaply. There are a lot of things that you can make on your own and easily spruce up your home décor. These things are not only easy to do but also fun to make.

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1) Button vase – get a clear glass vase and hunt your wardrobe and drawers for old buttons. Then pour a cluster of buttons inside the vase and find a good suitable location to set it down.

2) Mirror vase – Vase with mirror work on the exteriors is quite common, How about a vase with interior mirror work. Get a glass vase with a wide mouth.  Stick mirror pieces inside the vase in a pattern. If you are unable to reach inside of the vase, create a pattern on the rim. Fill the vase with colored water and float some candles along with petal and leaves.

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3) Framed poetry/ verses – Poetry and verses are known to create emotive states. Framed poetry/ verses are an excellent decorating scheme. Using a printer or your abilities, design a paper with a verse or a line from your favorite poem along with some graphics. Get the paper farmed and use it as your personalized wall hanging.

4) Wine bottles as decorative items can be a good idea for european kitchens– Empty wine bottles filled with colored water can be used an exquisite décor piece. Or you may also use them as flower vases or candle holders.

5) Candle – Get a nice glass decorative bowl or cup and take out all your half used candles that were used last Christmas season. Melt them carefully over heat. If you want, you may add a bright wax crayon piece to it for color. Decorate the interior of the bowl with dried flowers or leaves. You may also place some pebbles at the bottom. Use a wick and pour the melted wax in the bowl. Your candle is ready for decoration.

6) Create your own colorful pillows – use your old t shirt and turn it into a throw pillow for your couch or bed. Alternatively, you may buy bright colored fabrics from the market, use some patch work and laces and create your impressive pillows.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on November 18, 2010

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