Magis Voido Rocking Chair Deserves a Space in your Living Room

If there is ever a living room that can be dubbed comfortable, this magis voido rocking chair deserves a space in that area. Nothing is more comfortable than to sway on a rocking chair after a hectic days work. With magis voido rocking chair you are guaranteed of comfort like never before. It is a novel twist on domestic design embracing the creativity of global designers coupled with the technological sophistication of the modern times.

The rocking chair is finished using polyethylene and is offered in five matt colors. This same matt finish makes the rocking chair a durable option for outdoor use as well. It ships for £413.

This is the modern version of grandma’s rocking chair. I like a lot the curved lines and the overall design. It looks very comfortable. I can even picture myself sitting in that chair, relaxing, thinking about peaceful things, feeling every muscle in my body relax. I think I would eventually fall asleep in there.

There are three color options for this chair. There’s the black one, with a lustrous finish, the white one and, my personal favorite, the red one, with a mat finish. It would look great in a modern home. I think it could also be sued outside in a protected area. The price seems a little high, but all good things in life come with a price.

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Posted in Sofa and Chair on April 20, 2010

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