Luxe Versailles ‘Rivoli’ Silk Quilt

Silk has been considered a luxury item for a very long time and still is, but not to that extend it was in the past. It was very expensive and used only by the rich because it was brought all the way from China and needed a lot of hard work and skill to manufacture a piece of this fabric from the harvesting of the silk cocoons to the weaving of the material. Any way, nowadays silk can be acquired by artificial methods, too, so it is less expensive. It is still considered a luxury item, but most people afford it now. So when you want to spoil yourself or your family, you purchase a silk bedding set or maybe a Luxe Versailles ‘Rivoli’ Silk Quilt like this one.

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The quilt is made of 100-percent silk with Jacquard pattern and is beautifully embroidered. But this is only the face of the quilt, because the back and the filling is entirely made of polyester. That is why it is recommended that you should clean it only at dry cleaner’s . It is big enough to cover a normal bed (110 inches wide x 96 inches long) and looks great. Even though some people might think quilts are so out of fashion, many still like them, so if you like it you can purchase it for $29.99.