Lunch Pot from Black and Blum

My husband does not like fast food nor sandwiches and he prefers having a decent meal every day even if he cannot go to the restaurant every day. So the best solution for him is to take his favourite food from home. OK, that was a problem at first because we did not have the right recipients for transporting soup or other kinds of food at his work without causing accidents. But after a few tries we found the perfect item for this: the  Lunch Pot from Black and Blum. It is really special and original because it looks great and is very functional at the same time.

The pot is made of polypropylene and copolyester  which is safe to clean in the dishwasher but also by hand if you want to. Actually there are two lunch pots that have the perfect size for fitting one on top of the other for safe transportation. This way the food will not get spilled and neither will get mixed with the neighbouring meal. The two containers are perfectly sealed and then surrounded by a thread that is used for holding them easily. The fork is combined with the spoon resulting only one eating tool that is also attached to the pot in an ingenious way. You can purchase the item now for£15.95.