Lighthouse Door Bell Button from Vicki Lane

When you move to your own house and no longer stay with your parents you think of a million things you need, including furniture and bedding, appliances and other useful items. But I am ready to bet that the last thing on your mind is your door bell. However, when the first visitor appear and can’t find your door or you can’t hear them because you don’t have a door bell you realize you need this thing, too. So you purchase one, as simple as you can get. But sometimes it is better to pay attention to these little things, too, because they give personality to a house and you wouldn’t like a door bell that sounds like a warewolf, would you?

This Lighthouse Door Bell Button from Vicki Lane is the perfect choice for those who love the sea or have anything in common with it. It is charming and looks just like a lighthouse and it is made of resin. All the details are there , including the little door and little windows and everything is hand painted. The designer, Vicki Lane, respected the original design of a Western Lighthouse and added a lit button in the center. That allows you to see the door bell button even in the dark. You can buy the item from Hardware Hut for $12.60.