Learn How To Take Advantage Of Wood’s Natural Beauty

Wood is a beautiful material with of wonderful natural qualities. But people don’t always appreciate them. They try to transform this beautiful element into something artificial that would suit their artificial lifestyle. However, if they would just stop to look at the big picture, they would see that sometimes it’s good to have something remind you that there’s lots of beauty out there. So bring some natural beautiful into your wood with the help of wood.

Any room can benefit from a beautiful wood feature. The bathroom, for example, could use a lovely wooden slab for the washbasin to rest on. Don’t try to simplify and transform everything. A natural, organic shape would look wonderful in the bathroom.

The bedroom is also an area where lean, organic lines are always welcomed. An interesting and very beautiful idea would be to have a wooden headboard with uneven, natural lines and natural colors. In a white bedroom, the headboard would also stand out and add contrast.

For the living room there are lots of ideas that would work. For example, this modern living room features live-edged shelf that contrasts with the white walls but matches some of the other details. It’s a very beautiful accent element that works great in this minimalism, calm décor.

Home offices are not usually the place where lots of attention is given to the décor. It has to be space-efficient and functional. But even so, you can find ways to make it beautiful as well. For example, a simple, wooden table that exposes the natural grain and beauty of this material could be a lovely addition.

The kitchen could also use some style. Even in a contemporary kitchen where everything is very simple, with clean, straight lines and lacking any detail, there’s still lots of room for some natural style. Wood is a very versatile material that looks good in any type of décor. This kitchen, for example, beautifully displays its qualities in the form of a kitchen island countertop.

Sometimes it’s not all about the shape. You can opt for simple, artificial designs and still showcase the wood’s natural beauty. For example, the texture and color can sometimes be enough to transmit the important details and to make a room feel beautiful, organic and chic.

The dining room is also a space where it’s easy to integrate wooden elements. A wooden dining table would look beautiful in any type of décor, even one with a contemporary touch. There’s something about the imperfection of the grain and the organically-shaped lines that makes this table unique and very beautiful.

Of course, one of the best ways to display natural beauty is in the form of a coffee table. The coffee table is always the center of attention in the living room and has become more of a decorative piece than a functional one. So take this opportunity to add some extra beauty into your home.

As we’ve already mentioned, in the bathroom there aren’t many options when it comes to décor. But here we have another version of a bathroom with a naturally-shaped wooden slab that makes it look extra charming. In this case it also matches the wooden frames of the mirrors so the décor is cohesive.

In this modern living room, the atmosphere is calm and inviting and that’s partly due to the natural qualities of the wood used for the flooring. But there’s another wooden pieces that wants to capture your attention and that’s the coffee table. It has a very interesting shape and a design that was modeled after this detail.

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Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on December 17th, 2012


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