Kotatsu Low Table

Japanese culture is so old and so nice and you have a lot of things to learn from it. But what is most interesting about these old cultures is the fact that you can both preserve them and also combine them with modern features and obtain really interesting and beautiful things. This Kotatsu Low Table is a great example of this combining of old and modern elements. It is a low table, just like table used to be in Japan because of the ancient tea ceremony that needed people to sit on the floor when performing it. However, the table also has some modern features, which makes it perfect for any kind of home.

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This table has a bit higher legs and is made of wood. It has classic lines, but has a modern glass-covered lattice top. The table was made using the traditional Japanese techniques of joining wood pieces and is beautiful and strong at the same time. It is available in different colours of the wood (natural Gingko stain, Fruitwood stain, red oak stain, mahogany stain chocolate stain and walnut stain) and you can order it online now for $880 from Green Tea Design.