Know more about the varied types of cushion covers

Cushion covers are impeccable home decorating elements that are commonly used in all households across the globe. Whether it is the bedroom, living room, dining room or the lounging area, fine looking creative cushion covers can be introduced in all parts of the house to spruce up the décor.  A distinct ambience and feel can easily be created by employing various combinations of cushion covers.

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As there is a wide range of cushion covers available in the market, you will never face a difficult in finding the appropriate pieces. However, you must decide the function of the cushion covers before you decide upon the type to use. Let us now look at the various types of cushion covers available.


Cushion covers are manufactured from a myriad variety of fabrics. Some of these are quite affordable, whereas some may cost you several hundred dollars. If you are looking for something, which is long lasting and easy to maintain, polyester and cotton are the ideal options. Cushion covers made from velvet, silk or chenille can be selected to beautify the living space.


Cushion covers are capable of catering to a wide range of functions. Whether it is the outdoor living couch, dining chairs, lounging sofas, recliners, bed or lobby chairs, there is literally no restriction on the usage of cushion covers. The cushion covers available for deck or patio furniture are generally water proof and feature vibrant designs. On the other hand, cushion covers for the bedroom are mostly elegant and crafted out of comfortable fabrics.

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When you go shopping for cushion covers, you will find that there is an extensive variety of patterns in which the cushion covers are available. Embroidered handmade cushion covers are usually crafted out of silk, cotton and any other fabric. Printed cushion covers are also quite common as they are simple, elegant and long lasting. Plain dyed and batik cushion covers are some other varieties that may also be selected.

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The styles in which cushion covers are available are simply varied. Certain designs are woven on the fabric itself such as jacquard cushion covers. On the other hand, twill cushion covers feature diagonal raised lines or parallel/criss cross lines. Floral designs and geometric designs can be found in dobby cushion covers. Frills, trimmings, tassels, beads and ornate patterns are some other common styles that may also be selected.

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