Kitchen storage jars, a great way of organizing ingredients and saving space

In any kitchen it’s very important to maintain a clean and well-organized working environment. When it comes to storing spices and ingredients, having a system and using individual recipients can save you a lot of trouble. Kitchen jars are especially practical because they allow you nicely store everything while also keeping the space organized.Now all you have to do is decide how you’re going to organize all the jars. Here are a few ideas that might help.

In a small kitchen every inch of space is important. So even if you don’t have much space to begin with, try to maximize it. Create some shelves organize your jars so that they can be easy to reach and to put back. You can put the jars you use often on the lower shelf and those that you don’t use on a daily basis on the high shelf for practical reasons.

Try to give your kitchen a more personalized appearance. Even the smallest details can turn out to be important for the overall result. So put your spice jars on shelves and try to maintain a uniform look. Use the same type of jars and personalize them with hand-written labels. Transparent jars would be more practical because you can easily see their content.

If you have a spacious kitchen then you can create a nicely organized storage area. You can have shelves and wine racks and fill them with jars, bottles and containers. Use transparent jars for the spices and place the ones you normally use in the middle where they are easily reachable, the ones you rarely use on the higher shelves and the bottles and containers on the lower ones where they can be safe and handy.

If you really like to be organized, a wall unit would be perfect in the kitchen. You can have shelves and compartment of different shapes and sizes designed specifically for bottles, small jars, large containers, etc. It’s not necessary for the cabinet to have doors, this way the jars are more accessible. If you prefer to maintain a clean and uniform look you can opt for jars of the same type but with different dimensions.

Try to use all the space that you have available. Incorporate shelves in the space that would otherwise remain unused and fill them with jars. They will add a nice rustic touch to your kitchen. All the different colors of the spices and the way they all sit beautifully organized will contribute to an overall smart décor and a very inviting atmosphere.

We’ve already mentioned that hand-written labels would make the jars have a uniform look and the overall décor seem personalized. There’s also another way of doing that. This solution is also very simple but It’s fun as well. You can Use chalkboard paint to create labels for the jars and then use chalk to write the names of all the spices stored in them. This way you can easily erase the name and write a different one if and when you decide to replace the content of the jar.

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