Kitchen Backsplashes That Make A Splash

There’s a good reason why kitchen counters incorporate backsplashes as a rule: they’re practical. Stuff splatters up on the walls, even while the most fastidious among us are preparing and cooking food. A backsplash is there to protect the wall itself from being constantly assaulted by marinara sauce or cookie dough globs. However, backsplashes have moved from the realm of Purely Pragmatic into Stylish Statement as well. Options for backsplashes – material, color, shape, size, texture, etc. – are abundant, as are the many ways this functional idea can enhance the entire space’s design aesthetic.Here are some examples of kitchen backsplashes that make a stylish splash:

This eclectic kitchen is anything but short on style. With its fabulous vintage lighting, black-and-white diamond flooring, marble-topped island, and high-end stainless steel appliances, the kitchen is designed for the detail-oriented chef. It’s quite fitting, then, that the embossed tin tile backsplash is as detailed as the rest of the space. The splash’s texture adds depth to a smooth-surfaced kitchen, and the metallic tone provides a sleek warmth.

In this ultra-functional contemporary kitchen, a hum-drum backsplash would stand out like a sore thumb. Which is why this stainless steel metal mosaic, in tiny rectangle tiles, is an awesome punctuation mark. Paired with dark cabinetry and a stainless steel countertop, the backsplash mirrors the sleek minimalist vibe while adding an important element of shine (ergo, light) to the center of the space.

While many kitchens find their place as a colorful mecca for dishware and ceramics, this very neutral design is perfectly alive in its own way. Although the elements themselves are anything but organic, the nature-inspired glass mosaic tile backsplash gives a “natural” aura to the kitchen and softens the sharp lines. I particularly love how the tiles are placed vertically to resemble tree bark – perfect juxtaposing touch in such a modern space.

This country casual kitchen is homey and comfortable…and not short on luxuries. Traditional elements (e.g., wood floor, ceiling mouldings, chunky island) pair elegantly with high-end pieces (e.g., copper hood, chef’s oven, cabinet legs) to create a sophisticated space. Helping the elements gel together into a cohesive space is this colorful deco backsplash – colored mosaic tiles within white tiles merge warmth with sterile and give the kitchen the perfect polished design.

This warm, wood-loving kitchen is both charmingly earthy and impressively chic. The backsplash of multi-colored glass squares is a lovely choice to counterbalance the wood, providing a delightful sheen and almost urban element. Because the backsplash tiles are square, they enhance the squarish design element throughout the space (notice the ceiling beams, lighting fixtures, and windows, among others). Quite an impressive backsplash that makes a huge statement…without saying a word.

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Published by in Kitchen, on January 23rd, 2013


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