Jura Signature Line – Impressa J5 Colombian Walnut

Who can imagine life without coffee? Not too many people, because most people are addicted to coffee and they cannot imagine their lives without the refreshing drink, which makes their mornings more beautiful and which animates the first part of the day. However, not everybody drinks coffee pot and that is why there are the expresso machines, to make the difference.

Impressa J5 Northern birch.

Under the handcrafted Jura Line signature, there are some espresso machines in a limited edition and, at the same time, there are the most unusual tastes and demands that must be accomplished. When you see Impressa J5 Colombian walnut, you think about defined lines, top quality materials and outstanding workmanship and all what these stand for.

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Ena 5 Leather Speed Red.

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Ena 5 Leather Sports Brown.

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Impressa Z5 2@1 Rhodium/Crystals.

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Impressa J5 Colombian walnut.

Impressa J5 Colombian walnut is one of the five existing machines under the Jura Signature Line. It is a small machine looking very well, being brown and elegant; it gives the impression of a magical machine that can do wonders. And it really does, but for this, it needs the help of people. By the way, this walnut machine looks, you already imagine someone pouring a cup of coffee and you seem to smell its flavor. Nothing compares to a good coffee and Impressa seems to know this very well. If you do not have an espresso machine, maybe you should try this particular one.