Jenn Air Pro-Style gas range- the cooks perfection

Jenn- dual-fuel freestanding and much talked about Air Pro-Style gas collection usually come fully equipped with much high powered, LCD touch screens and perfectly apt burners which is well designed to normally help cooks who get the most out of the present oven’s industry.

In an intuitive tab format, the Touch Anywhere screen gives much ready access many features organized in it. Even it is roasting, broiling or baking, it really gives cooks the freedom to achieve their perfections. It comes with A 20,000 BTU PowerBurner for high-temperature cooking. The perfect finish and modern look is trendy.

Its burners generally features Flame-Sensing Reignition and electronic Ignition which helps the  cooks to rest as the burners will stay lightly lit throughout. When the family members and guest are arriving late, it supports to fulfill the needs. it can provide  up to 30 minutes gentle warm temperature. It perfectly suits for homemakers and catering industries.

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Posted in Appliances on August 11, 2010

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