Japanese doll candleholders

Candles are very often associated with romance. It’s true that they have this property of creating a very nice, intimate and romantic atmosphere, especially if you include some elegant and stylish candleholders. But not all candleholder designs are like that. Some of them are a little funnier, like these one for example.

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These unusual candleholders are shapes like Japanese dolls, which makes them very distinguishable from all the others. They come in three different designs, as well as different color combinations. All of them are colorful and they all bring an oriental touch to your home.Because they are so colorful and unusual, but mostly because of their interesting shape, they have a funny look that will probably put a smile on anyone face when they see them.

A like when someone comes with something different, something not traditional. There plenty of classic, traditional and so called elegant candleholder designs. Wherever you go you find the same old shapes and colors. It’s a lot more difficult to find something fun and unusual like these pieces.