Japanese Courtyard House Design by Sage Architecture

The Japanese Courtyard is C shaped House and is located on the Amador county California wich was designed by Sage Architecture . If you stay in this house you can feel the living pattern of a Japanese House.  The architect of this house combined the style of conventional Japanese homes, and the style of Californian craftsmanship to build a simple sophisticated home encircled by the pine trees.

Japanese Courtyard House Design by Sage Architecture

The house is situated at an altitude of 3,000 foot of the Sierras in Amador County. The house was built on 1800 sq ft area. The construction is uncomplicated and has sharply inclined pitched roofs giving an appearance of older conventional Japanese houses and thought of folded planes.

Japanese Courtyard House Design by Sage Architecture 2

Japanese Courtyard House Design by Sage Architecture 3

A natural stuff palette of tainted concrete floors, soft colors helps to provide the comfortable feeling to the inhabitants. Many varieties of woods were used for making cabinets. The external part of this house is uncomplicated in its appearance which gives a few indication of the craftsmanship inside.  One can not understand the feeling of its richness until one resides in the home. To maintain the Japanese belief, the house was built in such a way so that it becomes peaceful retreat to the residents.

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Posted in Architecture on January 8, 2010

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  • Crystal says:

    iomq! i absolutely love Japanese houses. I find them marvelous! Its great too, I’m moving to Japan so I’ll get to live in a house like this. It’s funny though because, I’m not Japanese. But who cares? I’m going anyways and that will give me just enough time to admire the scenery and all the beautiful and especially….the clothes! I get my own kimono! =)