It’s all about being eco-friendly

The more high-tech modern living gets, the further we move from natural habitats, the greater is our desire to bring nature indoors with us. First our cities expanded horizontally, pushing the fields and forests further and further away from urban living, and then the houses and green resources shrunk leading to smaller gardens and much smaller community parks and open greens. The next step of course was vertical, as people climbed into elevators to head towards the heavens.

As artificiality crept intro every facet of modern living, from the genetically modified crops we consume to the processed foods on supermarket shelves. Artificial wood floors and synthetic brocade curtains, modern living has also tried to bring nature indoors, into walls inspired by mature.

A very common theme, for a toddler’s room for example is a wall painted to look like a green field with a white fence with brightly colored insects cuddly bunnies and impossible looking sheep. As the toddler grows to adolescence the theme changes but the inspiration remains the same. Inspired by nature, two walls could be leaf green with brightly colored butterflies and beetles to liven it up.

Living rooms use brown wood panels that maybe synthetic but transport a tree flattened to create a wall inside the room. Even offices are now using huge picture postcard like scenes of a landscape in autumn or a view of a forest as a backdrop for a room by making it into an entire wall. These walls inspired by nature can become the focal point around which the entire room can revolve or they can just blend into the background silently happy to create a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Different wall treatments are available depending upon budget and use so a kitchen wall can have two rows of tiles depicting brightly colored fruit and vegetables. Bathrooms can have aqua-colored tiles with surreal fish forming patterns on them.

Walls inspired by nature can be created by using jungle printed drapes, sea green blinds and a carpet dappled like a forest floor. Sometimes, in some extremely rare cases an innovative owner finds a like-minded architect and has the means to afford using an actual piece of nature such as an old tree or a boulder as a feature of the room by building a wall such that the tree forms part of it. Of course the fusion of the innovative client, a like-minded architect and the means to build the house of ones dreams instead of occupying a ready made flat, is very rare.

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One Response to “It’s all about being eco-friendly”

  • Jose says:

    Hey lovely arrangement…. I liked the side table made of bark of tree in the bedroom… Looks really nice.

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