“It Wasn’t Me” Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

I have heard that many people use recycled materials for making different stuff, but I would have never guessed that you can actually make this beautiful It Wasn’t Me Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson from used water bottles. Apparently this designer, Alexandra Ferguson, has a brilliant mind and some ecological approach, so she can do this. The soft and nice fill used forĀ  this pillow is entirely made of recycled polyester. Apart from being soft and comfortable, this pillow is so funny because it carries a message. There are many options, of course, but this one’s message is “It wasn’t me”.

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The nylon filling is kept inside thanks to a nice nylon zipper closure and somewhere next to it, in the bottom center you will see the designer’ s logo that certifies the item’s authenticity. Any way, the pillow looks pretty funny and you can use it in a pillow fight with your friends or siblings when you throw the pillow a bit harder than you intended to and then the message “It wasn’t me” comes as a natural funny thing. If you like this and want to have the item, all you have to do is order one on the designer’s web site for $99.