Interesting ways to restyle a Bedroom Collection

Do you want to restyle or update your bedroom? Do you think that getting new furniture is the best way to restyle a bedroom collection? Well, if yes, then you are wrong. Restyling a bedroom collection can be easily done with the existing furniture also. Old furniture sets are made of durable and strong materials along with fine craftsmanship that are often missing in the furniture pieces available today. With application of special techniques to the old furniture pieces such as adding of customized details, repainting or replacement of hardware, old bedroom collection can be easily restyled and updated.

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Cleaning – the first and easiest way to restyle furniture is by cleaning. Clean the bedroom furniture thoroughly by wiping it with first with a damp cloth and then with a dry rag. Get a piece of fine grit sandpaper and gently sand the bedroom furniture pieces. Once the sanding is complete, wipe down the furniture pieces with a microfiber rug so that the dust particles are removed. Grimy furniture pieces will instantly return back to their primary beauty with this process.

Staining/ painting – Staining or painting is one of the effective ways to breathe in new life to a bedroom collection. You have the liberty to adopt different painting techniques and methods depending upon the look you want.  If you want a contemporary and modern look, then stain the furniture pieces with gloss and high sheen paint in dark shades.  Light pastel shades may be selected to add a romantic speck to the old furniture pieces. On the other hand, if you desire to impart a traditional look, make use of light and medium shades of brown. Bright blue or green may be selected for country style decoration.

Replacement of old hardware – The old hardware on dressers, chests and armoires can be replaced with new ones in order to impart a new look to the furniture pieces. Most of the hardware stores are known to have a wide variety of knobs and handles. Try to select the new hardware in a different style than the existing style so that a fresh look is imparted. For a contemporary look, select hardware in steel or metal finish. For furniture pieces in children’s room, choose knobs in vibrant colors with varied cartoon characters. Knobs featuring intricate designs are perfect for creating a traditional look.