Interesting ways to decorate your home with stuff you already have

Home decoration is always considered to be an expensive endeavor. However, you can easily decorate your home without spending exorbitantly and even without hiring expensive services of an interior decorator.

The least expensive and the easiest way to jazz your home décor, is to decorate your home with stuff you already have. Most of the items would demand simple cleaning and proper display, while other may require an updating. Decorating this way not only saves money but also saves the environment through re use of things.

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Below is a list of interesting ways to decorate your interior –

Vases – Vases are an easiest way to decorate a home. However, instead of decorating the vases with flowers and leaves, try to decorate them differently. You may fill up the vases with colorful artificial ornaments lying around or stuff them with sand topped with sea shells and stones. A vase filled with fruits and vegetables also imparts a refreshing look to the interiors.

Serving platters – do you have lovely platters that are just sitting idle in the cabinets? Instead of hiding the platters, display them for use. Serving platters look excellent if placed on the table mail to catch mail, hold keys, coins and more as you walk in the door. Alternatively, you may also place some potpourri on a serving platter and create a pleasant smelling atmosphere.

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Books – If you have a large collection of books, you can easily use them as an attractive decorative item. Hard covered books can be displayed on a sofa table or a coffee table to add a bit of color and interest. You may also stack books under a picture frame or lamp.

Glasses – Old glasses of various sizes and designs are found in every household. These glasses can be used for displaying candles. Try mixing and matching varied glassware for a different look. For instance, place some dried leaves in a large size glass, then place a small size glass or bowl in it and lastly place a candle.

Cocktail pitchers/ mugs/ ice baskets – when these items are not being used for the purpose intended then you may use them for enhancing the home décor. A tea pot flaunting a small flowering plant simply looks cute and elegant. A cocktail pitcher can be used for storing cutlery in the kitchen or office supplies such as pencils, pens and rulers.