Interesting landscaping lighting ideas

If you have ever visited a theatre or nightclub during the day, it is assured that you must have been surprised. The captivating view of the last night’s performance must have been lost as the crew members must have rolled in flat black ceiling on suspended catwalks.

To speak frankly, landscape can also be treated in the same fashion. If proper landscape lighting is given optimum consideration, modest of the yards can also translate into a paradise. Plain trees and boring bushes can easily come to life with vibrant lighting sparking on their trunks or through their branches.

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The best thing about this project is that lighting fixtures, which were highly expensive until few years back have become affordable now.  Introduction of low wattage lighting systems has made landscape lighting a consistent and affordable practice.

If you are confused about how to go about, here are some interesting ideas to help you out –

Employ vibrant colored lightings – One of the easiest ways to create an interesting landscape characterized with varied emotions is to employ vibrant colored lighting. Unlike the usual trend of using standard white, use bright colors to create a distinct atmosphere. Red and yellow can be used to create feelings of passion and warmth, whereas blue and green are perfect for an aqua and cool look.

Illuminate walkway – Illuminating walkway is a very important as well as a creative idea. The delicate plants on the edges are protected, whereas the chances of accidents are also ruled out. Moreover, illuminated pathways are known to lend an impressive definition to the garden.

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Light beyond your garden – if you wish to create a complete look, please do not restrict lighting to the pathways, garden and patio, as done commonly. The whole landscape should be involved in the landscape lighting project. House and other related architectural fixtures should also be accentuated with lighting.

Include water – Water is one of the most creative elements that bring life to the dullest gardens. The image of a reflecting pool or surface of water is simply mesmerizing. Alternatively, small fountains and ponds can also be used to create interesting lighting view. A small birdbath with water can also be included in the lighting system.

Lastly, keep it in mind that in case of landscape lightning “less is more”. Do not saturate your garden with lighting fixtures such that the source of lighting itself grabs all the attention.{pictures from lightinglandscape.net}

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2 Responses to “Interesting landscaping lighting ideas”

  • Solkor says:

    There are a lot of landscaping ideas being applied. Lighting a landscape is one and may add up to the beauty of a landscape at night. Also it may give a little taste of romanticist to the place and may brighten the lace as well.

  • Adam says:

    Where do those metal light boxes come from?