Interesting DIY Outdoor Table of Wood Logs

Autumn is the season that brings new coats for the trees and other plants. They get new colors like yellow, brown, red which are combined in a harmonious way that sometimes create a lovely natural painting which takes your breath away.

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People adapt to the new season by changing their clothes too and most of the time they try to fit this natural décor by preparing their house with all kinds of decorations which can fit this season. The garlands of leaves, the use of chestnuts, cones or acorns which can be found in a forest or just simply when you pass near these trees may become wonderful decorative items for your house.

Here it is a nice DIY project that fits perfectly to an autumn décor for your outdoor space. This interesting DIY Outdoor Table of Wood Logs helps you to get in this nostalgic and perfumed autumn atmosphere. While you breathe a chilly air charged by the smell of the ripe fruits, you can also enjoy some warm snacks or watch your favorite flower that stands on this outdoor table.

This project is real simple and all you need are some materials like: several fallen trees or some thick branches, a bow saw, a belt sander and a tape measure. Now you just cut the stumps in different heights, flatten their tops with a saw and place them on a flat surface. Then draw a parallel to the ground line using the tape measure, remove any marks of saw with the belt sander and apply an exterior finish.{found on freshhomeideas}