Incredible DIY Vintage Driftwood Lamp

Vintage things seem to be more and more appreciated these days. Quality, refinement and good taste are the features that make of these vintage objects some precious things that everybody love them. Another advantage of these pieces is their low price.

Most of them are really cheap and can help you create wonderful romantic or nostalgic ambiances if it comes to refer to the decorative items. Many people seem to search the vintage clothes and accessories too. They help them to get a rustic or a romantic look or can make them look like those classic characters that appear in the old classic novels.

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For a rustic or a vintage look you may also appreciate the next DIY project. It refers to an incredible DIY Vintage Driftwood Lamp.The process is not complicated and all you need are some large pieces of wood. It is a great DIY project which helps you to save some money and create a lovely floor lamp that will make you feel like in the middle of a forest, close to nature. The wood pieces may also make you think of the cold autumn evenings when you feel the need to be close to a source of light and warm, in front of fire made of wood logs.Available for 445$.