IKEA 2010 Kids Room Design Ideas

IKEA has put their new 2010 catalog online . I will start with the new IKEA ideas for designing kids and teen rooms and their furniture to decorate these rooms.The new line for kids is very flexible and could solve all needs. For those who have more younger kids IKEA has everything to make their bedtime a special time.

Soft lighting solutions and cozy beds are things they need more than everything. Then it’s very important to have some of the storing furniture from IKEA because it combines a very nice design with functionality. All the furniture for the kids room is painted in vivid colours that are very good for the kids and everything in designed in their size, so as to allow them direct access to everything and also to allow them to clean up the mess in their room and store all the toys and all the other thing in special places. The shelves are also very useful and the corner shelves from IKEA are really nice looking and handy, too. Just follow the link and get inspired from them.

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Posted in Design And Concept on August 4, 2009

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