Creative Ideas For Decorating The Space Above Your Bed

A bedroom can often look empty if you don’t decorate the space above the bed. Most of the time, this area is decorated with artwork. But it’s not just about what you choose to display but also about the way you do it. Here are a few creative ideas you might like to adapt to your own bedroom.

Hang a painting.

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If you prefer something more classical, hang a painting above your bed. But choose something interesting like a geometric design, an abstract painting or something colorful.

Display boxes.

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If you have a themed décor in your bedroom, like maybe for a beach house, then you can display a few shells or other little things in some of these display boxes with clear glass that protects them from dust and everything else.

Something inspirational.

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Another nice idea is to hang an inspirational poster or a message. It doesn’t have to be super profound or esoteric. Something as simple as this “It’s OK” would be enough to put you in a good mood.

Hang a rug on the wall.

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By simply hanging a rug, carpet or tapestry on the wall you can create an interesting display for the bed, maybe even replace the headboard. It will also make the room feel warm and inviting.

A curtain.

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Another interesting display for the wall can be a curtain. It can be a colorful or patterned background for your headboard and it can frame the bed beautifully. It’s also an alternative to accent walls.

Built-in storage.

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You can have niches built into the wall behind your bed and use them as display spaces for personal things like photos for example. This is an idea that would suit a modern or minimalist bedroom.

Hang pendant lights.

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One, two or a cluster of pendant lights can look beautiful above the bed. They can replace the bedside table lamps or they can be an addition to that area only. In this case, it would be best to leave the wall plain and empty.

Oversized artwork.

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If you want to turn the wall behind your bed into a focal point, you can make a bold statement with oversized artwork. Be creative and come up with a fun design or idea.