How To Work With Bold Neon Colors When Decorating Your Home

Very popular in the ‘80s, neon colors faded out of fashion but they never disappeared completely. They’ve become accent colors and what was once used excessively then became a chromatic palette that people almost seemed to fear. Neon colors are very powerful but, if used right, they can become amazing accent colors in interior décor. So instead to being afraid of using them why not learn how to take advantage of them?

Since neon colors are so bright and powerful, a nice way of using and exploiting them is to create unexpected focal points in your interior décor. For example, this bright green washbasin is an unexpected appearance in the bathroom but, at the same time, a fresh and modern addition to the décor.

Another clever way of using neon colors is to combine them with more muted versions of the same color. This way it would blend in but it would also stand out. In this living room the pink sofa is bold and beautiful but the real attraction are the neon pink stripes at the edge of the window treatment.

Neon colors are also great for the kids’ playroom. Kids love strong colors but, of course, this doesn’t mean you can use them excessively or without a sense for style. If you decide to use neon accents in the room, make sure everything else is neutral and simple. You want the décor to be nicely balanced.

The same strategy can be used for any other room in your home. For example, you can decorate your bedroom or living room with a bunch of bold colors and patterns and they would stand out beautifully and wouldn’t overwhelm the room is displayed on a neutral background, preferably white.

You might think that neon colors have nothing to do with the kitchen. It’s true that the kitchen should be simple and its design should focus on functionality, but this doesn’t mean that a few touches of color here and there can’t be helpful. In fact, the kitchen will instantly come to life and the atmosphere will become more dynamic.

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Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on December 23rd, 2012


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