How To Use Circles In Swimming Pool Designs

Geometric designs have always featured heavily in architecture. From Renaissance times circles became increasingly used in church design. Circles have been used to denote a symbol of union or of democracy, with each point the same distance from the center. Circles look great in domestic settings, too, though they are rarely used. The occasional circular window is about all you tend to see in domestic architecture.

Despite the rarity of circles in modern dwellings, they are often a favored design shape for a swimming pool. A circular pool can create the sense of an oasis that has been found in the desert, particularly for an outdoor pool. If you are thinking about building a swimming pool, why not incorporate a circle, or even two, into the design and turn away from the right angles found in the rest of your home.

Two-circled Pools.

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Swimming pools that are made up of two circles of differing sizes are very on trend with pool designers. This is especially so where the circles intersect and are set at different levels, so that you can look from one into the other. A smaller pool, that is easier to heat up, is a great place to relax, like having an external hot tub that overlooks your main swimming pool. A figure of eight design works well in a number of outdoor settings and looks great when the water is calm and not being used.

Circular Pools With Lanes.

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If you like swimming for fitness a circular pool may not be the best choice as you will either have to swim around in circles or cross the pool too rapidly to build up a worthwhile exercise. These days, single lane pools, which are designed to train in, are very popular. If you still want the great look of a circular pool, but favour fitness, why not combine the two? A circular pool, for playing in, with a lane running off it, for fitness, makes for a great , but rarely found, outdoor pool design.

Circular Surroundings.

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You do not necessarily need a circular pool to get the rounded look. If you already have a rectangular pool, use circular paving around it to soften the edges. Install a circular plunge pool within the main pool to get a two-pool effect. Alternatively, accentuate the style of your pool area by fitting block paving that has a circular design. And why not complete the look with some chic exterior seating that has a circular design?


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If you want to incorporate a plunge pool next to your regular swimming pool, why not go for a circular one, since they make a for a friendly space where people can face one another. If you don’t have sufficient space for a full circle, a semi circle will do just as well. Have the half circle face the main pool, so that the two pools are connected, even though they are different bodies of water.


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An oval is simply a stretched out circle. They are a great shape to use for a swimming pool design, because you get all the benefits of a circle but with a longer axis that is more practical for swimming up and down. Oval pools will work best in an exterior space that is longer than it is wide as they will occupy the available space more naturally, but still allow room for your other garden design elements, like sun loungers. If your home’s exterior needs to be levelled in order to incorporate a swimming pool, an oval shape can fit snugly into the contours created by the ground works needed.

Sweeping Curves.

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If you like the idea of a round swimming pool, but still want the practicality of a more conventional shape, then go for a pool with at least one sweeping curve to soften the design. A curve or two can still afford you a luxurious look, which feels like an oasis, whilst maintaining a usable swimming space.

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