How To Set Out A Funky Home Bar

Home bars make for an ideal place to entertain your friends but they can easily take on a dated look which fails to make the right impression. Contemporary bar designers put more emphasis on the visual look of an entertaining zone than traditional comforts. Clean lines, funky lighting and sophistication are the order of the day. Update your tired old bar by setting it out with a new style that will make your friends want to keep coming back for more.

How To Use Lighting.

One of the most important aspects of bar design nowadays is lighting. Subdued lighting used to be found in nearly all bars, with maybe a single neon strip light for some color variation. Contemporary bars have lighting elements within the bar itself. Recessed lighting strips or LED spotlights will make your bar more attractive. Multiple light fittings, suspended over the length of the bar, is a trend that shows no signs of stopping, but why not complement them with some spot lighting set behind your bar. Use colored lighting and reflective surfaces around your bar area to get the look right.

Corner Bars.

If you are thinking of installing a new bar in your home, then bear in mind that corner bars are becoming increasingly popular. They take up less space than a traditional bar, but the main reason for their popularity is that people who sit at them find the experience more convivial. Rather than being place in a row, drinkers can face one another. Set your bar out so that the corner of the room, behind the bar tender, becomes the focal point of the bar.

Japanese Bars.

Commercial bars are continually updating their design to refresh their look. Up to date Japanese inspired bars are now found all over the world. Take inspiration from some design cues found in bars from Tokyo. Install a glass top counter for your bar, with a lighting element beneath it. Use chrome bar stools with black leather. Back light your walls and, above all, keep the design minimal to get the authentic oriental look.

Sports Bars.


Plenty of people like to combine their love of bars with their love of sports. There’s no reason why a funky home bar cannot be set out so that it caters for both tastes. Don’t overdo you bar design with too many sporting elements. Everyone will know you have a sports bar if you are showing the big game, so stick to a few items of sporting memorabilia only. Install screens at a high eye line, so that they can be seen clearly whether you are seated or standing. Add a traditional bar game, like a pool table, but there is no need to stick to the usual colors for the table’s baize. Find a color that compliments the rest of the room.

Bars For Oenophiles.

Bars are not just for beer drinkers! If you love wine and have a good cellar, installing a bar to indulge in a tasting sessions is a great idea. Make the most of your wine stock and store it in a way that shows off your collection. Keep your bar simple and elegant but, as with other types of bar, add some subtle light fittings to give the room a bit of character.

Drinks Storage.

Set your bar out with your choice of drinks on show. This way, your guests will feel at ease asking for their preferred drink. If you have a storage room to the side of your bar, fit them with glazed doors. Even if you only have a small bar area, use a shelving unit to display the liquor on offer. Install a fridge which has a transparent front and internal lighting for the same reason.

Complete The Look With Sound.

Once your bar has been given a funkier look, you can complete the ambiance by getting the sounds right. Don’t skimp on a sound system. Choose something that can be easily accessed but is hidden away. Set speaker cabinets out of the eye line of guests, behind your bar. Cheers!

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