How to sell a house without a realtor?

Are you willing to sell your house? Would you be interested to trade in your effort and time and save thousands of dollars? Well, you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars in a realtor’s commission if you try to sell your house without the assistance of a realtor. This concept is gaining extreme popularity, but you should remember that the process is not an easy one.

As you will not be having a realtor to guide you in the process, you have to enhance your knowledge of the housing market all by your own and initiate the procedure also.

Here is a list of steps to help you do your footwork and seek the potential buyers for your house –

1) Research the market and price your house correct from the starting – Realtors very well know how to list the price of a property as they are aware of the trends sailing in the market. Therefore, before pricing your home, conduct an analysis of the market and try to ascertain the value of similar houses in the neighborhood.  Pricing your house correct from the starting will assist you in attracting the potential buyers.

2) Invest in repairs and not improvements – when you are preparing your house for sale, concentrate on repairs and not improvements. For instance, instance of adding a new area, repairs can be initiated such as fresh coats of paint, replacement of old furnishings, enhancement of the outside area by planting new trees, etc. Keep in mind that the first impression is always the last one.

3) Market your house widely – You will need to market your house widely in order to attract customers. Placing of sale signs outside the house are just not enough. Place classified advertisements in the newspapers and in the realtor’s magazines. The idea is to get around the word so that people know that the house has been put for sale.

4) Be available – Once you put your house for sale, it is very vital for you to be available so that you can attend calls and also show your home to the prospective buyers. Set aside few hours every day so that you schedule your appointments properly and do not lose on the buyers.

5) Be prepared to negotiate – negotiations are an indispensable process of buying process. Setting a bottom firm price will assist you going through the negotiation process easily.

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2 Responses to “How to sell a house without a realtor?”

  • SnakeOilGuy says:

    Not easy? It’s a piece of cake. The NAR and individual real estate agents have spent millions to convince consumers that selling a house is beyond the average Jane’s capabilities.

    Just look at it like a part-time job that may earn you thousands of dollars.

    Here’s one you forgot: unclutter. Rent a storage unit and make your home as spacious and sterile-looking as possible.

    (And you probably will hear from the NAR because you used realtor, instead of Realtor(r).)

  • Stefan says:

    In our opinion it’s not easy to sell a house without a realtor because may some of owner have jobs and are busy.Thanks for comment!

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