How to select bed coverings (types)

Bed coverings bring a very attractive look to the bedroom. It gives the finishing touch to your room. There are different types of bedcovers and each of these types comes in a variety of color, design and style. Most of these even have matching pillow covers. Bed coverings are made of different materials like cotton, silk, fleece, microfiber etc.

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The simplest form of bed covering is the bed sheets. These are generally used to protect the mattress from any dirt and are easily washable.While at night cotton, bed sheets are very comfortable to sleep however, they don’t give that cozy look to the room.

Comforters are the best choice to create that coziness in the room. They are very fluffy because they are filled with many materials like cotton, polyester etc.

During winters, you can use these comforters as blankets also while in the summer it can be used as bedding. Another type of bed covering is the Duvet. These are almost same as that of the comforters. These are also fluffy and filled with different materials.

However, Duvets are designed to be used with covers known as duvet covers. Since duvets are not easily washable so replaceable covers are used from saving the duvet from dirt. Duvets can also be used as blankets but in extreme cold days, it don’t provide the same level of warmth as comforters do.

Bread spreads are another type of bed coverings. These are bigger than comforters are and can be used as blankets but they won’t give that much warmth. That’s why people often use them as light blankets.

Whatever type of bed coverings you buy; it should be such that it complements the room. Always prefer to buy bed coverings that come with matching pillow covers. Satin and slik bed coverings give a very stylish look to the room however, cottons are comfortable to sleep.

So, during daytime you can use silk or satin ones and during night replace it by a cotton bedcovering for sleeping. For the softness and coziness, you can go for fleece bed coverings. These are the softest of all the materials. For durability wool bed coverings are good. When it comes to color of the bed coverings, market is full of choices. Even you will get different shades of the same color. Just go for the perfect one. Make your room more appealing by adding throw pillows.