How to Save Space with Door-mounted Storage

When I bought my house I had nothing in it, except a couple of pieces of furniture. Well, little by little I needeed a lot of different things, smaller or bigger and I needed to store them some place. So I suddenly realized that after about seven years there is no space left for storing all the things I have in my house. This is when I started thinking about keeping only the things I really need and also about finding some ideas for saving space, especially because I live in a flat, which usually is smaller than a house. Here is a very good idea of How to Save Space with Door-mounted Storage.

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This item is actually a series of over sized “pockets” made of fabric that are fixed to a hook and that can be afterwrads hung to the back of a wardrobe door or maybe to the back of your bathroom door. You can use the hook to hang it in different places, but if you want it to stay only in one place , you can nail it to a door through the two “ears” present on the top. The big number of pockets of different sizes allows you to store different items there and keep them safe in a place where you know you will find them for sure. It is also great for children’s room or for the bathroom.

The item is offered by IKEA and is called NOTUDDEN. It was designed by Inma Bermudez and is available in two options: flowers and leaves and graphical design. The fabric is made of 80 % polyester, 20 % cotton and the hook is made of stainless steel. You can purchase this storage item for $9.99 from IKEA stores.