How to restore antique furniture

An antique piece of furniture is the most prized and proud possession in any household. Some of the pieces have got stories behind them. Owning a piece of antique furniture has become a trend and most of us like to flaunt it in front of our guests. Some antique pieces remain in the family for generations and we are really nostalgic about them. However, years of usage results in wear and damage of wood. It can become dull, grimy and the joints turn rickety.  Antique furniture is very expensive and we can restore damaged pieces instead of getting rid of them.

Maintenance of such old and antique furniture can be really tricky because if it is not handled with care then it can be damaged beyond restoration. The first thing to keep in mind before going in for restoration is the condition of furniture. If it is damaged badly and is on the verge of collapse then it is advisable to consult a professional.

However, we can take care of maintenance on our own as well.  To commence with the restoration, check if all the nails are intact. If there are any loose nails then beat them in. Once the nails are intact and wood is held firmly in place, clean it off with a cleaner and a damp cloth.

Many varieties of wood cleaners are easily available in the market to choose from. While cleaning make sure not to use a lot of water as wood tends to absorb water and it might leave marks on the outer surface. Any metal pieces like bronze or silver attached to the furniture can be cleaned with the help of metal cleaners. This will help in removing the dark coating that builds up on metal pieces making them look black and dull. Instead of using metal cleaners, home- made solution of lime juice mixed with a little water can also be used to make the silver and metal pieces glistening clean.

Once the furniture has been cleaned and all dirt and dust has been removed, check if the paint is in place. In case if the paint has worn off or gone dull in some places then you might have to consider painting it again with the same kind of color and texture. Choosing paint is really crucial because if it does not match the original finish then the entire look of the furniture will be ruined and it will look terrible. If you are not sure of the paint then help from a professional can be sought in choosing the right kind. In the end, wood should be painted with varnish.

Varnish is a kind of transparent paint that is used to protect wood from wear and damage. It not only provides a beautiful shine to the furniture but also ensures long life. A coat of varnish in the end can really make a dull and old piece of furniture sparkle and stand out in the entire room. By following these simple steps, we can easily maintain or restore antique furniture in our home and make it look exquisite.{pic one from here,second pic from here}.

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