How to Remove Red Wine Stains From a Carpet

It is one thing not to cry over a spilled water or milk, but is literally a different thing to hold back one’s tears when a glass full of red wine spills over your carpet and leaves unpleasant dark stains. Red wine stains on the carpet are no doubt very unpleasant, but it is not the end of the world. With little determination and patience, you can have it out easily in no time at all.

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1) First of all, try to blot as much as red wine stains as possible with the help of a piece of clean white cloth. You may also use paper towels.

2)White wine is the true companion that will help you get rid of red wine stains. White wine is known to neutralize red wine making it easier to lift the unpleasant red color. You need to pour white wine over the affected area and gently blot the liquid with a thick towel.Make sure you blot and do not rub as rubbing will push the stains further into the fibers of the carpet. Once the majority of the spill has been blotted, take out your favorite clothing stain remover or carpet shampoo and clean the stains as they were a bit of dust and dirt on the carpet. You may also use 1 portion of hydrogen peroxide with 1 portion of carpet shampoo to blot the stains.

3) If you have club soda in hand, sprinkling it over the stains will also assist you to lift the stain off as the salt in the club soda shall prevent the wine from penetrating deep into the fibers of the carpet.

4) Salt is also considered as an effective solution, but it will be of no help for getting rid of stains. Salt will prevent the tough red wine stains from settling into the fibers of the carpet till you decide on the method you would apply to tackle the situation.

5) If red wine stains still remain then you need to use a carpet stain remover available in the market.Wine Away and Scotchgard’s Oxy Carpet Cleaner are some popular brands in the market. However, make sure that you follow the manufacturer instructions as these products are known to be very strong.

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