How to remove nail polish from carpet

It is true that spilling of nail polish on the carpet can some times be very troublesome and within few minutes you will notice that your carpet has a stain. Even after working very hard to remove it, you are not able to remove the nail polish stain.But there are few important steps that need to be followed in order to remove the nail polish from the carpet and these are firstly to use appropriate solvents that can lift the stain from the carpet.

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Secondly, wait for at least 20 minutes to see the results and allow the fan or dryer to be used on carpet for perfect results.  Some of the common products that are used for removing nail polish from the carpet are, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish acetone or any other cleaner that is safe to be used on the carpet.

When you apply nail polish remover to the carpet, begin by scrubbing it gently until the stain is removed from the carpet. Now apply hydrogen peroxide and also hair spray to the stain.You will notice that quickly the stain is removed and now you can use the dryer on the carpet.

The most important aspect while applying cleaner on the carpet is to avoid more wetness and ensure that you take time in cleaning up the stain slowly. Because any rough handling may cause damage to the carpet and it will further lower the appealing look of your carpet.So it is always recommended to use acetone in the area where nail polish has been spilled and apply it only in that area.

Scrubbing also should be done gently until the stain is removed completely. But ensure that it is dried immediately giving a new look to the carpet.

Using safe removers instead of harsh chemicals is very much recommended and this will further improve the quality of the carpet and will look new always. Further one of the best tips to avoid nail polish spill on the carpet is to use a newspaper on the carpet while applying nail polish to your fingers and toes.{found on watchmojo}.

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