How to prepare your pool area for summer?

With the summer season setting in, it is now the time to indulge in outdoor activities. Needless to be mentioned, but the most popular outdoor activity among all is swimming. For some of us, swimming pool is the focal point of our house, and we try to decorate it with proper seating, lighting and accessories. On the other hand, for many people, swimming pool area is an entertainment zone where various activities besides swimming such as gardening, lounging, evening parties, cooking, etc are enjoyed. No matter whatever is the use of a swimming pool, preparing the pool area in advance will allow you to enjoy pool activities to the extreme.

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First of all, you need to remove the pool cover. Drain the water, clean the cover and keep it in a safe place for future use. Remove all sorts of debris from the pool and check the circulation system. It is always better to change the first filled water in 24 hours.

If your house is the only lot on the block where all the children of the neighborhood flock together, you should consider investing in swimming pool activity gears such as flotation devices, beach balls,  and fun games  to keep the children occupied.

If parties and get together around the pool area is a common activity for you, making the guests comfortable and relaxed is the sole purpose which should be catered while planning pool entertainment. For this you need to create proper seating arrangement. Choose garden furniture pieces featuring sleek lines and team them up with oversize cushions to get the contemporary look. Colorful ottomans in water proof fabric may also be select to spice up things.  Place few tables near the seating area in order to keep the drinks, snacks and other miscellaneous things.

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Lighting around the pool is another vital factor that should be given optimum consideration. Proper pool lighting will allow you to enjoy evening parties around the pool. The entire pool area can be easily illuminated by hanging overhead lighting fixtures from tree branches or garden parasols. Tabletop lighting and lanterns can be employed for lighting the dining areas. In addition, also consider installing lighting fixtures around the pool to ensure safe footing.

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