How To Prep Your Home For The Big New Year’s Eve Party

What are your plan for this New Year’s Eve? Spending the night in a restaurant or club can be fun but staying home and playing host for all your friends and family is not bad either. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan something special. Maybe you can decorate your home and be the one that makes little things stand out.

A champagne bar.

Set up a champagne bar because, well, you have to have champagne on New Year’s Eve. Maybe you can decorate the bottles or personalize each person’s glass. You can also let each person personalize their own drink.

Decorate with origami ornaments.

Try something special this year. Decorate your home with unique origami ornaments which you can craft yourself. You can use newspapers, colored paper or even pages from old books to make them look special.

Decorate the walls.

Tape giant confetti to your walls and you’ll get playful and colorful décor. Experiment with different colors and don’t try to create patterns. It should all be random.

Make some pom-poms.

Making pom-poms is super easy. Find a color you like, a fork and wrap the yard around like this. Then tie a knot and cut with a scissor. You can use these pom-poms to decorate just about anything.

Make spikey ornaments.

Use styrofoam balls, glitter and toothpicks to make these fancy ornaments. You spray paint the toothpicks and stab the balls with them. Use the ornaments to decorate the mantel, the table, etc.

Light bulb makeover.

Did you know you can actually spray-paint a doily onto a light bulb to create something really cool and unique? The light will create an interesting pattern on the walls and I’m sure everyone will love it.

Decorate with string lights.

String lights are extremely versatile. You can use them to decorate your windows, doors, walls or your mirrors. Create a magical ambiance for the party. They can even serve as accent lighting.

Give your glasses a makeover.

Take a set of plain and simple glasses and make them look festive and special. You can use a paint pen to create some really interesting patterns. Feel free to improvise and personalize them however you want.

Repurpose some Mason jars.

Spray paint a bunch of Mason jars and you can use them to serve drinks for your guests. You can use any color you prefer and even use different shades for each guest so they all know which one is theirs.

Decorate with washi tape.

Maybe you already having some washi tape rolls in the house, in which case this will be a super simple project. If not, go buy some. Use washi tape to decorate the walls. You can come up with all sorts of unique designs and the tape will come right off the next day.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on December 27th, 2010


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