How to prepare your home for a quick sale

Sprucing up a home for a quick sale is a strategy that actually works for many home sellers. Most prospective home buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready with little to no work needed on it. Even if they are planning to make a few changes later on, they still want to purchase a home that doesn’t require any immediate work. Here’s a few steps you should take to prepare your home for a quick sale:

Get Organized.

The first step that homeowners looking to sell their home should take is to get organized. Take a pad and pen and go through the home, room by room, and write down pieces of furniture, appliances, paintings, and other things that you no longer want. At the same time, make a note of any repairs that need to be made. You should also make a list of additional tasks that should be taken care of at the same time. These tasks might include painting the walls or woodwork, replacing curtains or blinds, puffing in doorstops, and polishing wood floors.

Clean Out the Clutter.

Next, you should start to clean out the clutter for two reasons. First, if you get rid of all of the items that you no longer want to keep, it will make it easier to complete all of the tasks that you wrote down on your list. Second, the less clutter you have in the home, the more attractive it will be to prospective buyers. Sort your clutter into three piles: charity, trash, and give away to a specific person. Refer to your initial list so that you don’t miss anything that should be removed.

Clean Each Room.

Next, you need to clean the floors, walls, doors, rugs, woodwork, and windows of each room. If the rugs are in terrible shape, you might want to consider replacing them with inexpensive carpeting rather than having them cleaned. If you are including any appliances, furniture, or lighting fixtures with the sale of the home, you should clean them at this time.

Sprucing Up the Inside of the Home.

Now you are ready to paint, replace curtains and blinds, and polish the floors. Refer to your list to make sure that you include each task that you thought of when you made your tour of the home. Take a walk around the house once you are finished with these tasks. Try to think of your home as if it belonged to someone else and you wanted to move into it. Do you notice anything that should be taken care of before you put the home on the market?

Sprucing Up the Outside of the Home.

Now that you are finished with the inside of the home, it is time to take care of the outside of it. Follow the same steps that you used for the inside of the home. Make a list as you take a good look at your yard. Clean up the yard and get rid of anything that no longer has a purpose or is unattractive. Mow the lawn, trim all bushes and trees, and discard all debris. If the time of year is suitable and the yard needs sod, take care of it now. If the yard looks barren, consider buying a few plants to spruce it up. Take a good look at your yard and if you are satisfied with your efforts, then you are ready to put your home on the market for sale.

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