How to Paint a Master Bedroom?

Master bedroom is the serene oasis area of a home where one can relax and unwind after a hectic day of work. The soulful place assists to relive stress and sets the right mood. And the most important factor that plays a major role in setting the right environment is the color of the room.

Selecting the right color for the master bedroom travels a long way in creating a tranquil environment. However, the right color varies from individual to individual.  Therefore, you need to paint your bedroom in your preferred colors and hues so that you can create your very own comfortable sanctuary.


1) First of all, you need to consider the size of your master bedroom. Large master bedroom can handle dark color shades in a much better way than smaller rooms. This is because large rooms feature more walls to reflect light. However, dark colors can still be used in small rooms through accent walls. The wall behind the headboard can easily be painted in a dark shade to spruce up things. This shall also make the room appear big.

2) Colors should be selected in accordance to the desired mood. If a relaxing and tranquil environment is desired then soothing colors such as aqua blue, or cool green should be selected. Warm colors such as yellows and reds are ideal for creating a warm and a romantic nest. In addition, you may also work with two or more colors belonging to different family. Professional interior designers almost use five to six colors in the bedroom to create a dynamic and unique look.

3) Add details to the room through the use of borders, patterns, designs, geometric shapes and styles. Vertical lines can be used to create an elegant look. Geometric shapes are known to bring in contemporary element and on the other hand, stencil designs impart a theme to the room. Detailing the walls shall add a personal touch to the room.

Once you have selected the colors, ensure to test the selected color on a wall because there might be a difference between the effect of the sample and the effect on the wall. If you are confused between two or more colors, do not hesitate to test all of them so that you can select the best of them.

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