How to organize closets in a small space

We often go shopping just for the fun of it and end up bringing home more and more useful or not that useful stuff. Without realizing our closets get all filled up and we have no more space to put all the new things. The house is small and there seams to be no more space for depositing. What can we do?

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Don’t worry, in the lines below we present you the solution. First you have to search and identify the real value of your depositing space. You can start by rearranging your closets with simple closet organizers if your budget allows, saving lots of unused space that you simply didn’t knew it existed. Then sort the objects ad move to the garage thing you don’t use anymore but you’re not really ready to sell or throw away. Later you can have a garage sale.

Then think of other closets like the bathroom closet, originally meant for storing shampoo soap and creams, that can now, in the lack of space, be filled up by your own desire with other thins than can fit in. Of course you’re not going to put shoes in it but you can save a little space with a bathrobe or with some of the towels from the hall closet to create more storage space there.

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Now that we mentioned the hall closet, we recommend you to use the free space on the top of it to store boxes with things you rarely use, usually kept in it, like camp boots, cold weather clothing, roller skates and so on. Such boxes can be also stored in other closets with high ceilings if you install them some upper shelves .

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If that amount of space still isn’t enough then it’s time for the pegboard to enter the room. You can put it all around the closets walls adding space for hanging stuff like coats, scarves and belts.The ultimate solution if simply you don’t find enough space is to have a construction worker in to build a new wall-length closet that will be better than a simple corner box-closet that would make the room more crowded.

And if that doesn’t work you should concider adding an other room to your house or why not mooving.{picture 1,2,and 3}.