How to Negotiate the Best Deal for a New Mobile Home

When people have to buy a new mobile home, most likely they will act like women: they’ll buy whatever will seem nicer, even though, other important aspects might not have been studied enough.

Now, even though the demand of mobile homes is pretty high, the offer is even bigger. This is why the first step that someone should do – when looking forward to obtaining a good deal for a mobile home – is to check the offers of the dealers. They’ll have a huge surprise when they’ll see the differences between the prices.

Next, they should choose the best 3 offers. Why 3 and not 5, for example? Because, in order to negotiate the best deal for a new mobile home, it is necessary to stay a little on the road, and therefore, going from one dealer to another might require a lot of time. And time wouldn’t be necessarily a problem, but let’s face it: if there are already 3 good offers, why wouldn’t they try to get a better offer from on of these 3 dealers?

Now, here is a very efficient technique of negotiating. It’s called “The Bad Pigeon” and you may have seen it in the cops movies. Basically, in order to apply it, it is necessary to go with other person. Of course, he/she should – try to go accompanied by a woman, as they are known to have a great influence upon the decisions – know exactly his role.

Basically, one of the 2 clients advises the other one to not buy some item, and the other one says – of course, in a larger and more persuasive form – that he would like to buy that item, but he must respect the opinion of his companion. At that point, the salesman will be ready to offer some discounts in order to not loose the client – by the way, we are still facing an economic crisis – and this is why the customer should propose a deal: a lower price and the deal is done. If the salesman agrees, then the customers can tell him they will go to the bank to withdraw the money, and meanwhile, with the new offer – they must get a printed copy of the new offer – they should go and apply the same technique to the other mobile home dealers. They’ll see that in the end, they will get a 25-35% discount from the first price,  and that’s quite important, especially if we speak of thousands of dollars.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on September 22, 2010

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