How to Measure Blinds for Windows and Doors?

With the advent of blinds for windows and doors, the trend has literally revolutionized the home décor sector. Blinds for the windows and doors can impart a room with a great look, provide privacy and also allow light to travel in. It is doubtless that blinds are much more than a method of a window dressing.

However, in order to enjoy the amazing benefits proffered by the blinds, they need to be correctly selected. And the most intriguing factor of the correct selection is the correct measurements. The correct measurements shall give the room a distinct look and effect.

Here is a list of instructions to assist you take the exact measurements for the blinds –

For inside mounting –

– With the help of a measuring tape, the inside width of the window frame needs to be measured. Note down the measurement. Repeat this for process in different places (minimum 2 places) of the windows as a difference in widths is a common feature.

– Secondly, you need to measure the inside height of the window frame. Note down the measurement. Like the width, repeat this for height also, and measure the height from different places (minimum 2 places) as there might be a height difference too.

– From the three width measurements procured, select the shortest measurement and round it off to the nearest 1/8 inch.

– From the three height measurements procured, select the longest measurement and round it again to the nearest 1/8 inch.

For outside mounting –

– Measure the width of the window frame from right to left. Add another four to five inches to it for maximum privacy and light block in.

– Measure the height of the window frame from top to bottom. Add another three to four inches to it to allow sufficient space for the brackets to be mounted above the opening.

For sliding doors –

– Measure the inside width of the door unit. Generally, this measurement is 72 inches, but it may vary also. It is always best to round off the measurement to the nearest 1/8 inch.

– Measure the height of the sliding door frame. The standard measurement is 82 inches but again this may vary. If, desired, the measurement can also be taken from above the door unit.

– If more privacy is required, another three to four inches should be added to the width measurements.

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