How to make your own Christmas wreath

Holidays are coming and every year for Christmas we try our best to make the house look its best and also to use as many decorations as possible in order to bring the Christmas spirit inside. I don’t know about you , but I am sick and tired of spending a fortune on all the Christmas decorations that I use in the house, so I borrowed some ideas from my kids’ kindergarten and I realized that I can spend a pleasant afternoon with them and any other family members available and also make some crafts for Christmas.

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These Christmas wreath can be easily made at home and still look very nice if you are patient enough to follow some tips. First when you buy the Christmas tree and you adjust it to fit your house better, keep all the bits and parts of the branches and put them together, as they are the most important components. Then you will need some other ornaments at your choice or whatever you can find in the house: nuts, small plastic balls, glitter, a big red bow, rope, some little branches with berries or some colored plastic fruit and, if possible, a metal circle as support for all these.

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Take each fir-tree branch or some of them at a time and tie them to the metal support until they make a beautiful green circle. If the branches have different lengths you can adjust them in the end with the scissors. Then glue the colored fruit to this bed of branches and then spray some glitter on the nuts, little balls and whatever other tiny ornaments you might have there and glue them nicely on the wreath.

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Finish it by tying the big red bow in the lower part, right in the middle or, of you prefer, tie three or four red bows according to your taste or the red ribbon length available. In the end hang it in the doorway and, if you still have some little greenery and some other stuff and still feel like crafting, make some more wreaths of different sizes and models and spread them in the house, maybe placing one on the table, with a candle in the middle.

Oh, Merry Christmas !