How to make your closet bigger and more functional

Storage space is never enough and this is especially true when it comes to closets. Here’s an example of how someone managed to improve their master closet and make it more spacious and easier to access. The idea was to create a design that will keep everything neat and organized so that you won’t need to take everything out to find the item that you need. Also, a chic touch is always welcomed.

Dressing restauration

For a more stylish look, this closet got some new leopard print wallpaper for the background. Then it needed something functional, like some little cubbies where you could store your bags or shoes or anything else. The idea is that they are small enough to force you to be organized but still big so that you can use one for several items. One section of that wall was reserved for longer hanging items. This way they will stay there nice and organized and you won’t have to bother finding a place for them.

Dressing restaurationView in gallery

Dressing restaurationView in gallery

Dressing restaurationView in gallery

The bottom is no longer separated in small cubbies but left simple and with plenty of space for storage bins for example. On the other wall similar shelves have been created. There’s also a section with drawers for clothes that don’t need hangers and different sized shelves and cubbies for all sorts of items. As you can see, now there’s a considerable difference between the before and after look of this closet.{found on madebygirl}.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 4, 2011

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  • Hi Simona:

    You are so right! Adding a customized closet design to a plain closet is sure to make your closet bigger and more functional. Why? There is no misuse of space! Looking forward to your future posts.

    -Nicole L. Tate