How to make the correct estimation of the house renovation cost?

When you start preparing for the house renovation, it is very important to make the correct estimations or else you will end up spending a lot more than you intended, staying in renovation far too long and also surpassing your financial possibilities with quite a lot. And , in this  case, you can’t possibly be happy, even if the house is finally renovated and looking good.

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First of all it is very important to establish your priorities and to make the distinction between wanting to or wishing to and having to. If your house needs just to be repainted because your small children have drawn on all walls using permanent markers then do so: paint the walls white or the color you desire and that’s all. But if your furniture is too old, the plumbing is rusty and all the house looks like a survivor from the Civil War, then you certainly have to extend the renovation a bit more.

It is very important to call an expert or even two to make an estimation f the costs you will need for the renovation because if you are not a professional and estimate only what’s on the surface, you will have the unpleasant surprise to spend twice or even three times more that you expected. That happens because you did not estimate that you will need some nails, some extra hours for the workers, some unexpected events like a bucket of paint falling on the roof and so on.

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Another one of my tips is to buy only good quality materials and also hire only professionals because, even if they are a bit more expensive, at least they know what they were doing and also the materials are already tested and approved and a respectable company really does that. If you hire unprofessionals and use weak materials the renovation, the work will deteriorate a lot easier and you will have to renovate again soon.

Do not renovate the whole house if you only need to renovate a small corner (well, of course, if you can afford it and are bored with the old design just make a change, but if you are a normal person only choose a small project over a majectic one, as it is easier to make and also costs a lot less, which can be neglected today.

Be realistic and do not raise higher hopes than it should . Also be prepared to have time and money extensions, to sleep over your friends or relatives. But after all you only renovate a few times in your lifetime and it is supposed to pass the test of time.

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