How to make a dark room brighter

It’s always nicer to have a bright and sunny room. It’s easier to make a room darker if needed than the other way around. However, sometimes it’s necessary to brighten up the room. If you have a dark room that you would like to brighten up, here are some tips.Obviously, the logical thing that you should try to do is maximize the amount of natural light that enters the room.A drastical solution would be to replace your window with a larger one but since almost nobody wants to go through all that trouble, you can also try to redirect the light.

For example, you can steal light from another room by leaving the doors open or, if you would like to keep your privacy, you can use mirrors to redirect the light.

Fortunately, natural light isn’t the only type that we can use. We also have artificial lighting and this can be a real life-saver sometimes.You can use reflective lights to obtain subtle lighting. This means that the light needs to reflect off the ceiling and then bounce back into the room. Also, try to use light bulbs with a higher wattage. Halogen bulbs are the best when you want to create a bright but also natural and warm atmosphere.

Of course, at night the room should be darker and more relaxing. for that, you should consider using a variety of light sources that can be alternated. For example, during the day you can use the ceiling light if neccessary and during the nigh a lamp will often be enough.

Natural and artificial lighting are both very important but there’s also something else that can be really helpful. The color of the room is very important as well. You should seriously think about it. The color you choose for your room can make a big difference in this case. You should use warm colors such as peach, yellow, beige and of course white if you want to create an airy but also inviting atmosphere. Cool colors such as green or purple will make the room seem colder. Also, keep in mind that matt colors absort light while glossy finishes reflect it.{picture sources:1,2,3 and 4}.

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